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"All Disease Begins In The Gut." -Hippocrates

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Feeling stressed? Anxious? Experiencing pain? How about tummy troubles?

Believe it or not, these things are more closely related than you may think!

Hi, I’m Kelly! I’m a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Nutritional Psychology Practitioner, Gut Health Expert, and I help people with what's weighing them down! Whether that's chronic stress & overwhelm, anxiety, the blues, or inflammation and pain. I am so passionate about all of this because stress and anxiety almost killed me! I am now a speaker on this topic, as well as I authored a book to help YOU with your issues!I help you break through the barriers that are keeping you stuck and build in new habits to re-wire your -stuck- brain for lasting change.We can get you to your goals! Get off the hamster wheel of stress, anxiety and tummy troubles! I help you to start taking action toward what you really want! It is fun and easy to make these changes together!You don't have to deal with chronic stress, overwhelm, and anxiety that has your stomach in knots… and cramping, bloating, and other not-so-fun digestive issues.I have a whole tool box of amazing tools to get you back to enjoying your life again!Sound familiar?My passion is helping people build a strong, healthy gut, gain control of their life to reduce chronic stress & overwhelm, anxiety, douse inflammation & pain, unload the weight-physical and mental, and learn to really live in the present!

You CAN be happy, healthy, and vibrant! Your time is NOW!

What is a health coach?

And how can I benefit from having one?

Our bodies are amazing, beautiful things.

Our bodies are a gift. We were created to feel alive, well, free, and connected. We have opportunity to feel joy, peace, calm, and confidence every single day.This sounds great, right?The good news is that it is completely possible for YOU. Myself and the clients I have coached experience all of this every day, just from making some simple tweaks and habit changes in our every day lives.

You were made to heal. Start today.

Your gut health is so important for your overall health-both physical and mental, your immune function, inflammation response, and your brain. The gut communicates with the brain and either makes you feel well, in control, and at ease, or anxious, depressed, and stressed. I'm partnering with Amare to provide products that will help your gut heal!

Gut-Brain Solutions

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

FREE Gift: 3 Easy Ways to Double Your Energy
It's time to kick exhaustion to the curb. Learn how to double your energy TODAY in 3 easy ways!

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Client Love

I was suffering from very low energy and I felt "off" all the time. Napping every day, dragging through my work, exhausted. As a woman in my late 40's, I wasn't sure if it was "stage of life", if I needed supplements, or if there was something else I could be doing to feel more energetic. So I reached out to Kelly for advice and coaching. For the first time in my life, someone (Kelly) was able to help me recognize how certain foods were making me feel - that carbs sapped my energy, that sugars make me feel like crap, and protein and healthy fat give me sustained energy. At 49, I finally get that the foods I put into my body have a direct correlation to how I feel. While I'm not perfect, I now make food choices based on how I'm feeling and how I want to feel. My overall lethargy is gone, I'm sleeping better, my night sweats have decreased, and I have the energy and oomph to power through my days. I feel like me again!

-- Katherine Patterson

Work With Me

FREE Gift: 3 Easy Ways to Double Your Energy
It's time to kick exhaustion to the curb. Learn how to double your energy TODAY in 3 easy ways!

Mind Your Gut - Book

This book is for you if you struggle with any of the following: mental health issues such as anxiety and depression; behavioral problems such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and autism; gut issues such as bloating, cramping, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), leaky gut, and acid reflux; and other mental health challenges.

Nutritional Supplements

Your gut health is so important for your overall health, your immune function, inflammation response, and your brain.
The gut communicates with the brain and either makes you feel well, in control, and at ease, or anxious, depressed, and stressed. I'm partnering with Amare to provide products that will help your gut heal!

My Story

Everything in my young life seemed to be going well....I was newly married, traveling, doing lots of outdoor activities, and life couldn't seem to get much better. Then I had two car accidents that lead to anxiety issues and stress that didn’t seem to let up. Years later I couldn’t believe that anxiety, stress, and physical issues like a sudden gallbladder attack could impact my health so drastically.When it rains, it pours...My gallbladder surgery, a long recovery period, and continued stress led to sciatica, tingling, numbness in my right arm and leg, buzzing throughout my body, and debilitating all over body pain. It wrecked me emotionally, physically, and spiritually.I was left with no hope seeing doctor after doctor, the so called specialists, and being prescribed multiple medications didn’t resolve my problems. I was losing my life. My family had to make up for my loss of physical strength and lack of energy. I could hardly even use a knife to cut vegetables.Then, things started to change (for the better!)It wasn’t until a Chiropractor said I should be tested for MS or other auto-immune disease that I hit rock bottom. I felt I was handed a death sentence, but I chose not to accept that.Through a series of visits to more doctors, I struggled to find answers. Finally, a functional medicine chiropractor & neurology fellow introduced me to practical avenues to turn my life around, such as changing my mindset, detoxification, and spinal correction. I was motivated to research and use effective nutrition to nourish and heal my body and resolve my issues.So, what now? Lessons learned...I finally had direction, but it sure would have been nice to have a health coach 2-3 years prior to lead me in the right direction and avoid the cumulative effects and disease that was building in my body!I learned the hard way that self-care is not selfish, it is necessary. Because I now take time to de-stress, meditate, spend time in prayer, use essential oils, take healthful supplements, have energy work done, have spinal adjustments, treat food as medicine, ground my feet, sleep on a grounding sheet, get out for sunshine and balance, I have regained my life, my family, and my wellness! I am determined to help others who are struggling like I was. To give them direction, avoid unnecessary suffering, to help them with a proven system, support and accountability to transform their health and lives.Are you ready for your life to change?


"Kelly gave me a great tools to add to my life EVERYDAY to better deal with daily stress! I had a "light-bulb moment" most every time I had a session with her! Simple, logical tools to use to calm myself and to better deal with my busy life! She is a natural at health coaching as she has been through her own health issues that I have seen her overcome and change in the most positive way! I thank you Kelly for simplifying life and helping me to not be so hard on myself which makes my life much better!"-Kali H

"Kelly Haugh has been my lifestyle coach for the last six months. I reached out to Kelly to get help with some goals. She has helped me become more confident and conscious of my choices. My eating habits have consistently improved. She keeps me focused and positive. She reminds me of my successes and this helps keep me on track for new successes. With her support I have realized that I matter and with small changes come big results. I can reach my goals without being stressed out if I get off track. Kelly has a very positive spirit. She's very genuine and easy to talk to. This to me made a huge difference in being able to be honest with her about my accomplishments and failures. Because of that I was able to also be honest with myself, I'm not perfect and that's okay. I will continue to use the exercises and techniques she has taught me to help me get to my ultimate goal. I will also continue to touch base with Kelly to let her know of my improvements and successes. Thank you Kelly for your time and patience during this process."-Jennifer B

"Before I began coaching with Kelly I had no clue the things I was doing as far as my junk food eating habits and stress levels. You have enlightened me with so much information that I completely look at my health in an exciting and positive new way!A big factor for me is that I am now aware of my stress and I know how to calm down or take a break. Also, how much junk food I was eating even when I wasn’t hungry! I have made the choice through your coaching to eat consciously and healthy and to notice when I need a break, even if it’s just to breathe!!Because of your coaching, I now have a brand new perspective and knowledge of my health and well-being!During our sessions, I learned so much like:Forgiving myself and not taking the blame for my illnesses that resulted in more positive energy and having less negative thoughts.
Focusing on what I am thankful for instead of what is going wrong which resulted in being more confident and strong mentally and physically.
Taking time to focus on breathing which made me and my mind feel relaxed and rejuvenated.
Since working with Kelly, my outlook on my lifestyle has changed drastically. I have more energy and I’m more positive and relaxed! I’m looking forward to my healthy and happy future with much thanks to Kelly!!"-Alisa B

"Kelly is a coach with many talents.Educator - each session Kelly gave me new insights into the psychology of change and how it applied to my goals.Motivator - Kelly gave me some information one week that turned my day around, that helped me believe even on the worst days I could keep moving forward.Kelly helped me by really listening to me and advising me on various levels each week as to how I can continue to expand healthy practices mentally and physically.Kelly has been a great benefit in helping me begin the journey back to my Natural state of Being. She has given me many useful tools to keep moving forward after being in a tumultuous lifestyle a long time.The joy and comradery shared while being educated, counseled and motivated to grow and embrace a new and better lifestyle was a divine gift."-Kay A

"Kelly helped me move from a place of feeling stuck and fearful in a situation, to realizing I had more than one option, and they were all opportunities to explore. We went through a painless process that opened my eyes to a view I hadn't been able to see before we talked. I am so grateful for the shift that occurred, and in just one session!! Thank you, Kelly!"-Karen S

"Kelly is an amazing coach! She has been my cheerleader when I needed it most. She has stretched me to dig deep and I have overcome some difficult obstacles with her skills and support at the helm. She is highly empathetic. She put herself in my shoes (figuratively) so many times and we walked together to find solutions when things were holding me back from the results I wanted. I am at my goal weight now and through Kelly’s program I have not only improved my health, the benefits have trickled down to my marriage. I am so thankful for this wonderful woman, coach and mentor. Thank you Kelly!"-Christine R

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